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The response to the Generation Y Surgeon (@GenYSurgeon) has been really impressive.  This week, GenY releases part one of what we understand will be a three part series focusing on certain aspects of healthcare / surgical culture.

We hope you enjoy these often controversial blog entries as much as we do.  As usual, we focus on the ability to entertain an alternative point of view rather than if we agree with GenY on specifics.

Later in the week, we’ll describe an interesting concept that we call the “Sandbox Hospital”.  “Sandbox Hospital” is a term we use to describe an experimental, Skunkworks-like hospital that focuses on experimenting NOT with medicine or medical care but rather with the systems through which care is delivered.  Said differently, wouldn’t it be nice to trial a new medical record system with your staff and actual patients on a small scale BEFORE you go live with it across your healthcare system?  Or what if there were new policies and procedures that you wanted to evolve before releasing to the organization as a whole?  What are the ethical considerations involved?  Sandbox Hospital may be a useful way to test-pilot innovations.

Visit us throughout the week to check for these and other useful entries.

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