3 Great Articles From The Generation Y Surgeon’s Reading List

By:  The Generation Y Surgeon (@GenYSurgeon)


The internet is littered with articles about doctors and medicine…some good, some not so good.  I enjoy reading them, regardless of quality.  With the growth of social media and the prevalence of internet-based communications in medicine, the web has quickly become a new voice for physicians.  Most importantly, it’s a better way of communicating with the non-medical public.  Much of medicine remains a mystery to laypeople, especially when it comes to the daily life of physicians (and all other providers and ancillary medical staff for that matter).

Informal articles are frequently damaging to providers; however, some can actually be quite revealing to the public. With the constantly changing landscape of healthcare, it’s becoming more important to tell our side of the story.  Below are a few of the articles that recently caught my eye.  Enjoy!


(1) How Do Clothes Influence What Patients Think About Us? 




This article is symbolic of the many hats physicians are required to wear in modern medicine.  It also very clearly identifies some of the hurdles we face.  I sympathize with female physicians, as their wardrobe and image situation is much more complicated than that of male physicians.


(2) Where Does The Physician’s Responsibility End?



This article really strikes a nerve.  I’ve wondered for a long time, where is the line between my my responsibility for patients and their responsibility for themselves?  What do you think?


(3) Feel Like You’re Struggling Against The System?




Great article.  Period.  Every provider I know can sympathize with this article.  When you feel as though you’re struggling against the system…it’s because you are.

Do you have any articles to share with the group?  Please reply with links to anything you’ve found interesting.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts!