Best Talk On Startup Methodology I’ve Heard



It’s unusual for our team to re-post content from another source. We believe, and enjoy, original content or (at the very least) an original take on well-known content.

This entry, however, is an exception to our rule because we found a talk by Eric Ries (author of The Lean Startup) that was part of a post by

Although Eric’s talk does not explicitly discuss ALL of the methods we use for startups (including the power of premium, unique positioning), he delivers the single most useful talk we’ve heard on how to startup that is focused on decision-making, pivoting, and methods of “innovation accounting”.

Please enjoy, and use, the video beneath.  Take this as an important piece of the story about how to startup.  Complementary information, such as how to fundraise and the business model canvas, may be coupled with Eric’s excellent talk to round out many of the mechanics of starting up your unique business.  Please enjoy the video beneath as much as we did!



Questions, thoughts, or comment’s on Eric’s talk?  Please leave your thoughts beneath.