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This blog focuses on healthcare quality improvement, business model innovation, and voices from the front lines of healthcare that remind us why innovation is so important in our field.


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David Kashmer, MD MBA MBB FACS is a Trauma & Emergency Surgeon who is board certified in both General Surgery and Surgical Critical Care.  He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and practices clinically on a full time basis.  He also holds a Master Black Belt (MBB) in statistical process control (Lean Six Sigma) from Villanova University.  He edits the entries along with the team at the blog, and also contributes.


David also enjoys building startup companies and innovating / expanding service lines.  He holds an MBA from George Washington University (DC) and specializes in entrepreneurism along with seed funding for startups.  David is also uniquely positioned to comment on business model innovation in Surgery, has created multiple, innovative business models as healthcare companies.  He is active in a 501c3 dedicated to teaching innovation in Surgery.


This focus on continuous quality improvement and innovation brought David to develop this blog.


There’s some more information about David here, because he feels that it’s important to control his online presence or else, he thinks, search engines, physician rating websites, and other content will be the only (and sometimes inaccurate) information out there.


Opinions In The Blog Do NOT Represent Those Of The Companies For Which The Authors Work

The opinions in this blog are in no way representative of the companies with which any of the authors or editors are currently affiliated nor does it represent those companies with which they have previously been affiliated.


The work here is intended as a service to other surgeons and staff who have an interest in tools and techniques applicable to creating a new business, changing their practice, or just for those who want to learn more about an interesting field.


Update:  4/19/14:  The blog has really grown over the last several months, and our team really appreciates you reading these entries.  I’ve now transitioned from writing all entries to editing more and more.  We’ll be bringing on new writers over the next few months.  Thanks!


Update:  1/13/17:  Wow!  Is it really 2017?!  The blog has continued to grow, & we even re-formatted the theme (which took some time).  For about a year, we had additional authors contributing and these posts were great!  Surprisingly, it became easier for content creation to just go back to central production (me & the team) rather than coordinating all of the authors along with the edits and postings.  So, for now, we are back to mostly my thoughts on healthcare quality.  Thanks and hope you find these useful!