Let’s Welcome The Musing Medic





Hello Folks,


Seeing as this is my first entry for SBMI.com, a brief introduction sounds like a good idea…


My medical career started ten years ago right out of high school, and I began as an EMT-Basic.  Later, I earned my Paramedic certification.  I’ve worked both pre-hospital and in the Emergency Department of a trauma center.  My undergraduate degree is in Natural Sciences and I’m currently in the medical school application process.


My interests include evidence based medicine (EBM) with a specific focus on pre-hospital care as well as EMS education.


The posts you see from me will focus on issues ranging from technology in EMS to educational issues with rants, raves, and other random thoughts.  You’ll recognize posts from me and they’ll have the symbol above.


Let’s get started shall we?


–The Musing Medic (@TheMusingMedic)