2014 EAST Conference Begins In Naples, Florida


The Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma commenced its 2014 membership assembly in beautiful Naples, Florida, January 15th.  Popular topics this year included the immunomodulatory effects of red blood cells as one of the scientific, plenary presentations.  Interestingly, exhibitors this year varied from fledgling device companies to surgical staffing solutions.  Featured prominently was Emergency Surgical Staffing, LLC, a staffing solution meant to displace locum tenens surgery.  The EAST foundation president, Dr Fred Luchette gave his introductory speech which highlighted EAST’s various contributors.  The day saw numerous examples of scientific and business model innovation including new ideas in the world of basic science, and, as mentioned, device manufacturing. 


At this year’s conference, EAST continued the tradition of a conference-associated application for iPad and iPhone.  The app features the conference schedule and even photos of the scientific posters.  This year’s conference, in sunny Naples, has all the makings of another successful EAST endeavor.


Next year’s conference will be at Disney’s Contemporary in Orlando Florida.  We will be blogging daily from this year’s EAST conference, so join us for updates on the weather, scientific highlights and images of the people seen and heard around the EAST venue.