Here’s How The World Changes Before Your Book Release!

Did you know that by the time a textbook is released, it’s 4 years out of date?  When I’ve written textbook chapters, I have learned that by the time you write, edit, and release a chapter, the work is about 4 years behind current literature.  After all, the literature was usually out for a year or so before you learned enough about it to write the article!


It turns out that writing a book, even one made mostly of your advice on something, is not that much different.  For example, The Hidden Curriculum:  What They Don’t Teach You At Medical School took about two years to build, edit, and release.  By the time it came out, my situation had changed:  I had exited a locums company I co-owned, and many things in life were different.


So I was left with a question:  do I release the book?  Do I rewrite completely?  The advice and work in the book were very useful, and I realized that only my situation was different.  I work with a great medical group and organization of which I can really be proud.  So, for that reason, I was able to quickly edit some portions, leave others, and publish on time.


Have you ever written something only to have the world change around you?  Let me know beneath!