Obamacare boasts largest day ever Thursday on HealthCare.gov

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President Obama announced Friday that more individuals signed up for insurance on HealthCare.gov on Thursday (12/15) than on any single day since the launch of the low cost Affordable Care Act exchanges three years ago.

Greater than 670,000 people signed up for coverage ahead of the Dec. 15 cut-off date for Jan. 1 insurance.

The traffic congestion caused the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to announce late Thursday that a new cut-off date for enrollment would be Dec. 19. HealthCare.gov handles enrollment for 38 states. Time limits for state exchanges vary, however several now permit enrollment for Jan. 1 insurance for a number of extra days.

Signups rose regularly this passed week. On Monday, greater than 325,000 citizens selected plans on HealthCare.gov. On Tuesday, more than 380,000 Americans selected plans on HealthCare.gov, marking two of the largest traffic days in HealthCare.gov history.