Patients don’t understand what “low value care” really means

…and can you really blame them?  I mean, after all, it’s REALLY tough right now for those of us in Medicine to measure “value”.  I wrote about the issue here and it’s a huge problem.  (Some examples of all the definitions of “value in healthcare” are shared here.)

Take a look at the excerpt below, and click the link, for recent survey info that indicates patients don’t fully get that concept of what low value care looks like.

Previously, I described a novel tool to measure healthcare value here…but let me tell you:  whether you like that potential measure or not, right now there’s no commonly accepted way to measure what value looks like in healthcare.

Can you blame patients for not understanding what “low value” care looks like if we, in the healthcare game, can’t get together on how exactly to measure value?  Nope, probably not.

The researchers found that two-thirds of those surveyed “had some sense of what low-value care might entail, though many were uncertain about the specifics.” Additionally:Many who offered a description of low-value care saw it in terms of only testing, not treatment.About 5% “anticipated that excessive medical care might harm patients.”About 1% made a link between low-value care and medical costs – either their own or the nation’s.Pages

Source: Low-value Care Misunderstood By Patients | costs, patient experience, value | HealthLeaders Media